Take A Look At Frequently Asked Questions About Jewelry Appraisal

A jewelry valuation is also popularly called as jewelry appraisal. A jewelry appraisal document makes it convenient to insure the jewelry owner at the time of transit. It also prevents jewelry owner from acquiring jewelry item with non-diamond content. This is because an appraiser will test the stone and ensure its authenticity. Before selling jewelry it is important to perform a jewelry appraisal. For efficient execution of this task, it is important to acquire information about it.

Is it allowed for an appraiser to buy jewelry from public?

It is not allowed for an appraisal to buy silver jewelry from public, as there can be the chances of conflict of interest between the parties involved. The offer provided by jeweler is always below the present wholesale price of the jewelry pieces or gemstones.


Is an appraisal allowed to design, sell or repair jewelry?

Yes. The battle of interest does not provide the jewelry appraiser from creating an offer on the jewelry pieces evaluated by him. They don’t ban the appraiser from offering services and products to the public.

What does the cost of an appraisal comprise of?

Appraisers charge in accordance by the jewelry piece. Fees charged by the appraiser increase with complicated jewelry that contains several gemstones that must be recognized, graded, measured, and valued.

Cash based appraisals assist customer to sell or distribute jewelry among family members. Appraisals that require elaborate knowledge of the “Internal Revenue Code” are costliest to perform. It is illegal to charge a fee depending on the value of the jewelry piece.

In what way does the jewelry appraiser determine the appraisal cost for each piece?

There are 2 parts to jewelry appraisal. The first part is thorough description and precise identification. The second part comprises of the research and takes a lot of time. Research is carried out to identify jewelry pieces that are of same quality and kind. This will help in determining its average selling price. Depending on the intricacies involved in this method, it can be either easy or difficult.

How often do you need to perform jewelry appraisal?

Jewelry appraisal should be performed in every two years. This will give an updated report to the insurer.


Jewelry appraisal is often carried out for insurance purposes. It provides the accurate value of your jewelry that is especially important at the time of its sale.  Learning about the procedure in detail, can help in finding the best appraiser and appraisal for your jewelry.