Review Of Shopify: The Best Website Builder For Ecommerce!

When you don’t want to hire a designer for creating an ecommerce site, selecting a website builder is the obvious alternative. Not all website builders are the same when it comes to ecommerce, and most users would agree that Shopify tops the list. In this quick review, we take a look at Shopify, its pros and cons and what makes it one of the best web builders available.

Check the good

Shopify is based in Canada and has been in business since 2006. Shopify is particularly designed for ecommerce, and yes, you get a 14-day trial period for their services, so you can test the experience of opening an online store with them. Shopify also boasts of incredible customer service.

Here are more advantages at a glance.

  1. More templates. You get over 100 templates, each of which is responsive. Shopify has designed its templates in a way that it can appeal to big ecommerce stores and small shops alike.
  2. The ecommerce interface that Shopify offers is extremely unique and allows complete control and customization for store owners. You can export product information from files of other sources, such as Excel and eBay.
  3. Shopify also allows store owners to add as many products as they want, and they can easily track customer details, inventory and other things. It is also easy with Shopify to share products on social media platforms.
  4. Shopify is the best when it comes to payment gateways, and they offer 70 different choices. From something as basic as PayPal to other location specific payment options, there are endless options, quite literally.
  5. Shopify also has an app store that contains more than a thousand apps, which can be really handy for store management. For marketing and other specific design and development tasks, you get developer options too.

Not to forget, Shopify also offers unlimited bandwidth, which is still not common with other website builders.

On the flip side

Shopify is more expensive than some of the average website builders, and that’s something worth taking note, especially if you don’t have a huge budget. Some of their templates are expensive, and yes, you will have to pay transaction charges for not using Shopify payments.

Final word

Shopify is great for ecommerce store owners, and we recommend it for that alone. Their services are credible, and you will have no issues managing your website or taking help from a developer, as and when needed.