Pastor Chris: The Link Between you and Salvation

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is an evangelical minister who plans to hold a Christian gathering on September. He will use the platform to teach people the importance of the word of God. It is a chance to mend your relationship with God. Pastor Chris is also an experienced author. His style of writing, teaching, and preaching has continued to inspire many people across the globe. It is one of those moments of your life that you just don’t want to miss.

Pastor Chris will hold a three-day event in London. The entry fees will be one of the lowest in the history of an O2 arena in London. The O2 stadium can hold more than 20000 worshippers. The stadium is among the largest indoor arenas in the entire United Kingdom.

The theme and mission of the conference are to bring people closer to their maker. To make people understand and appreciate that God exists and that He needs to be exalted and praised. The conference will follow the standard service routine, only that this time they will be doing it in various residential areas. Pastor Chris intends to use seminars to woo back the young to the church. Well, will he succeed in this? Only God can tell.

Pastor Chris is one of the founding fathers of the believer’s LoveWord Incorporated. As a founding father, he is also the president of the congregation. The church is also known as the Christ Embassy. The Christ Embassy denomination is built on extreme tenets. These are honesty, faithfulness, honesty and being prayerful.

For the last few years, Pastor Chris has gone up the ranks to become one of the influential preachers in the world. His ministry has out grown to other continents and nations. He currently holds various charitable organizations in the world.

Pastor Chris is also an author. He is the brain behind the Rhapsody of Realities, an inspirational book with an excellent global reach. The book has been translated into more than 900 languages. His other philanthropic engagements include the Inner City Mission. The mission gives housing, food, clothing, and education to most children residing in the Inner City. Most of this beneficiary come from different nations on the globe and mostly Africa.

Recently, he has partnered with Pastor Benny Hinn, have established the first Christian TV channel in the United States. The Christian TV network is also designed to feature current affairs and trends; the LoveWorld USA. The circuit is described as a faith based venture inspired by the Almighty and His desire to bring joy, hope and the Holy Spirit unto the American citizens. The TV channel strives to bring out the message of love and forgiveness.

Unlike other fake pastors, the healing power of Pastor Chris has never been disputed. He uses his teachings, grace and the power of the Holy Spirit to bring hope to those in despair. Edwin Tillyer who was healed from a chronic ankle injury he had sustained from 1973 testifies that Pastor Chris is who he claims to be. On the day of healing, back in 2011, Mr. Edwin says that he was in one of the Higher Life Conference in the United Kingdom. From his healing, he clarifies that God promotes the humble and people who are not looking to be promoted.

For these reasons, it is evident that the Higher Life Conference in the United Kingdom is a must attend for all who love the gospel. It is a place to experience miracles and transformations. To most people, it is the right time for a prophetic visitation. It is a chance to come closer to your maker. It is one of the events that you shouldn’t miss.