New Features You Must Look In Your Next Car Purchase

Car manufacturing companies keep introducing new features and functionalities in their car release. To make your car buying process wise, one needs to learn about the new features in detail.

4 Gen LTE Wi-Fi enabled hotspots

This feature is popularly seen in Mercedes C Class models. It helps a driver to stay connected on the road at all times. This functionality enables car drivers to use their tablets, phones, and laptops without using their costly data.

Tracking cameras

This feature provides safety and security to the car but also the occupants in it. Specific car models come with an inbuilt camera that can clearly see everything surrounding your car. It has the ability to track any activity (suspicious) in all directions.

One more benefit of rearview cameras is that it comes with high quality sensors. This will inform and save the driver before hitting something. In this way, this utility can help in saving one from accompanied guilt and confrontation.

Automatic opening functionality

Sometimes when the hands of the driver are occupied, then it becomes hard to open the vehicle. This can pose a lot of difficulty to the driver. When the vehicle identifies any smart key inside the pocket, then it automatically opens the vehicle. This is programmable for easy and safe access.

Self-cleaning windows

Car cleaning is one of the tasks that many people try to hide away. A lot of people feel lazy in doing this cumbersome task. This problem is resolved with a beneficial feature called “hydrophobic” windows.

These windows of the car are glass coated to stop rain, debris and dirt from touching its precious windows. This feature has the ability to clean the windows on its own without requiring the need of any other person.

Vacuum those results in spontaneous cleaning spells and spills.

Popular models of car come with “Shop-Vac” feature that creates efficient vacuum for any vehicle. This functionality includes vacuum that has a long-range hose to keep everything clean at all the time.

Car seats with fatigue prevention properties

Generally, when people go on long drives, they tend to feel fatigue and soreness in butts. To overcome this discomfort, present day car models come with NASA approved “zero gravity” car seats. These seats help a person to stay in their natural posture for longer hours. This feature comforts the spines and muscles with adequate cushioning.


All these new factors make the car a lot more productive and efficient. Comparing these features will help you get the best comfort from your car. offer free advice on all matters relating to Car Leasing.