Looking For Senior Assisted Living Facilities? Consider These Aspects!

At some point, you have to consider if your parents need to stay in an assisted living facility. Of course, it largely is dependent on their personal choice. If your parents want to stay at home, the in-home care services are always better, but at times, they may still feel lonely. At senior assisted living facilities, they will be around people of the same age, which allows them to mix in a community that’s relatable and full of activities. The concept of assisted living has changed thousands of lives. It is a great choice for retirees, who can take care of themselves independently, but need assistance with some of the activities. Below are some quick facts that will help in selecting the right senior assisted living facility.

  1. First things first, check the background of the facility to know if they have a good reputation in the region. Don’t be surprised to hear about cases of negligence. As someone who is placing their trust and money on a special-care service, you need to know if they can do the job well.
  2. Check the facilities offered. Some of the assisted living facilities offer 24/7 medical care facilities as well, while others just offer basic assistance. The former can be a tad more expensive and is more suited for older people who have medical conditions and cannot live independently.
  3. Know the costs. Please note senior assisted living expenses are not covered by private insurance and Medicare, and therefore, it is wise to know the costs. The costs can vary by state and facility, but on an average, you can expect to pay more than $40,000 per year.
  4. Is the facility licensed? There are applicable laws, rules and regulations for assisted living facilities. Do a background check to know if the concerned service is licensed and whether there are any cases of complaints against them.
  5. Talk to your parent’s physician. If your parents opt for assisted living¸ talk to their doctor to know the best options around. In some cases, doctors may advise against the idea, keeping the specific medical concerns in mind.
  6. Pay a personal visit. Unless you have checked the facility, do not believe the claims. Take your time to pay a visit and check of the concerned service is aptly staffed. They should be able to offer secure environment for everyone staying there.

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