Follow These 10 Tips to Select a Corporate Catering Service

Corporate events require intricate planning, and one of the key aspects that need attention is catering. When it comes to corporate catering, a few things are starkly different from private parties and arrangements.

Below are the 10 tips you need to know.

  1. First things first, make a list of your guests and consider the venue. If you know the headcount, it is easy to negotiate with the catering services.
  2. The venue largely defines the kind of catering you can manage. For example, if the space is limited, you would rather prefer delivery and service, instead of full-service catering.

  1. Consider the budget. Well, the budget of the event also determines what you can spend on food and beverages. In case you want to have bar service, include the cost of that, as well.
  2. Find a few references. For corporate catering, you need a service that’s reliable and has the experience of handling large and small events. Ask around to get a few references.
  3. Call up at least three services. When it comes to comparing the options in catering, you need to know the prices and why one service might be better than others. Contact at least two to three companies to know what they can offer.
  4. Pay attention to experience. A catering service that works in the corporate sector will have better experience than another that deals in wedding catering and private parties. There is no way you can risk the event, so better be careful.
  5. Corporate events have a better budget, but at the same time, you need to reduce costs to the extent possible. Negotiate with the catering services to know what they can offer for your event.
  6. See what it takes to reduce prices. Full-service catering is often a must at corporate events, but if you go for delivery and servicing, you can actually save on the setup and can also minimize the space requirements.
  7. Do take a look at the menu and the specialty of the caterer. Ideally, every caterer has a range of signature dishes, which are worth considering.

  1. Finally, ask for sampling. For large events, you cannot take chances with the taste and spread offered to the guests, and therefore, it is best to do a sampling session, although there might be an extra charge for the same.

Find your options now and book in advance to avoid last-minute disappointment!