7 Things You Must Know About Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting

Concrete raising, also known as concrete lifting, is the process of leveling sunken concrete slabs. Traditionally, a technique known as mudjacking is used for the purpose. Currently, there’s a better choice known as polyurethane foam concrete lifting. In this post, we will talk about seven things you must know about the technique.

  • As the name suggests, polyurethane foam concrete lifting involves using a foam material. A small penny-size hole (can be more than one) is drilled on the surface, and the foam material is injected underneath the slab. The foam expands and causes the concrete slab to rise.
  • Compared to mudjacking, this technique is considered to be better for various reasons. First and foremost, the polyurethane foam material is extremely light, and therefore, it doesn’t exert any pressure on the surface underneath. For areas that are prone to soil problems, mudjacking isn’t the best choice.

  • Well, Polyurethane foam concrete lifting can be expensive. This technique costs five times more than mudjacking, but owing to the benefits, it is often preferred for commercial and residential projects alike.
  • There is no downtime involved with the technique, which is why it works wonders for concrete slabs that are used throughout the day. Apart from regular slabs, the technique is effective for lifting sunken driveways and sideways too.
  • It is possible to use waterproof polyurethane foam material for such jobs. Talk to the local contractor to know the options and costs. Waterproof material is handy because it can prevent the damage caused by water.
  • You can expect to get a warranty on polyurethane foam concrete lifting work. Most contractors offer a warranty of at least one year, subject to a few terms and conditions. before you sign the contract, please check these terms in detail.

  • If you want to get the job done, ask one of the local companies to offer an estimate. Please note that the estimates are usually offered for free, and the contractors can offer advice on the kind of polyurethane foam that must be used for the work. In many cases, concrete slabs sink more frequently than expected, and additional steps might be taken before the polyurethane foam material is injected.

Check online now to find local companies, and don’t shy away from seeking details of their previous clients. It is always better to hire a contractor that specializes in foundation repair and related work too.