Stick out Tip – Create Multiple Reports In A Single Pivot Table

Pivot table reports are some of the best top features of Stick out. They are simply a existence saver for users who’ve to summarise or process huge amounts of knowledge from Stick out tables or lists. Stick out Pivots beat Stick out tables or lists in several ways like the below- only to name a few –

They display the actual data you have to analyse by dragging and shedding

You’ll be able to pivot the data to determine it from various angles (hence it’s name)

You’ll be able to apply focus on specific data details by expanding or collapsing data or simply by utilizing filters for the Pivot

Make data comparisons really quickly and just

Identify data patterns, relationships, and understanding trends really quickly

So that would be amazing, we view why you need to be utilising Pivot Tables, just one excellent feature of Pivot Tables may be the chance to output multiple reports with simply a mouse click button.

The scenario let us imagine is our national sales director wish to talk to all regional sales managers and look for their year thus far sales. We have extracted the data out of your database and possess saved it in .xlsx format.

We have created an average Pivot Table for your national sales director. They may easily interactively affect the filter available to concentrate on the individual regional managers figures.

Great yes? Clearly all of the data summaries are visible for your national sales director, however they demand each regional manger to acquire their own report to enable them to check out their particular individual areas.

But that is not a problem! You are able to fulfill this request multiple reports while using mouse click.

Help make your usual Pivot Table and add Region for the report filter. All we must do then is hit

Pivot Table Tools

Pivot Table

Then hit Show Report Filter Pages

We have one Filter in this particular Pivot table- Region (one for each Sales Director)

Just select it then hit OK.

You will observe all of the Sales Regions now are available in different sheets within your Stick out work book instantly. All of your national sales managers will have all of the reports they might require individually to talk about while using regional sales managers.

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